Xperiment VR game center in North Haven plans to open in September

NORTH HAVEN — Residents will soon be able to enjoy new virtual reality experiences without leaving town, as Xperiment VR has revealed plans to open a location in North Haven in September.

Igor Lotkin, the owner of the VR center, said the new space will feature more than 100 games for all tastes, from educational games to sports, action and simulation games, among others.

The company targets individuals from around the age of 7, with an emphasis on multiplayer games that allow for cooperation and bonding among participants, he said.

“There are games where we can have up to 10-12 people playing together in the same game, which is what we try to do for team building birthday parties,” Lotkin said. “We have camps coming in. We have school outings.”

The owner looked to the New Haven area for expansion after growing his business 3 years ago. He said North Haven works great because it has a larger space that can serve more people, compared to its Trumbull location.

North Haven first manager Michael Freda said he immediately liked the idea when he spoke with Lotkin, noting it was unlike anything he had seen before.

“There’s something for everyone,” Freda said. “I thought it was something new and unique and I’m trying to bring different businesses here to town.”

He explained that there are educational games for young children that allow them to explore the universe, the galaxy and “a lot of things that children would study in school”.

For athletes, they can play baseball and racing simulations.

Even older adults can enjoy the new play center by taking virtual reality tours.

“Elderly people, for example, can travel to Spain,” Freda said. “They can travel to foreign countries. They can visit different places across the country.

Xperiment VR welcomes groups of friends, family, charity events, company outings, parties and school trips with prices varying by day and time, according to its website. Monthly subscriptions are also available.

“It would be an exciting new venture in North Haven, and I’m sure North Haven residents will enjoy something new, unique and different,” Freda said.

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