Xbox Series S Becomes Best-Selling US Black Friday Game Console | Fastest News

November 29, 2021

Xbox Series S Becomes Best-Selling US Black Friday Game Console |  Fastest News

Among the next-gen gaming consoles, the Xbox Series S may be the least promising at first. Like the little brother of the Xbox Series X, it is weaker than the other in terms of specs. Whether compared to the big brother’s 8K image, the highest image output is only 1440P 60fps, and the SSD which has been halved to only 512GB, only the digital version can. also. Gamers are put off, and there are even some developers who say the Xbox Series S is just plain tasteless.

However, time has proven that the Xbox Series S is not wasted. Not only have many film makers rehabilitated it, the sales speak for themselves as well. According to statistics from the US market research agency Adobe Digital Economy Index, the Xbox Series S not only overtook its big brother Xbox Series X on Black Friday, but even overtook the PS5 and Nintendo Switch OLED, becoming thus the best-selling game console.

The investigative agency analyzed that this could be due to the shortage of materials which prevented the Xbox Series X and the PS5 from completing the supply. Therefore, the Xbox Series S with sufficient supply has become the first choice of consumers. In addition, relying on Microsoft’s XGP service and low prices are also the reasons why this host is attractive. The vice president of Microsoft’s gaming department also said a few days ago that he is confident that total sales of the Xbox Series S will overtake the Xbox Series X in this generation.

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