Video game console chip shortages will last until 2024 according to Intel CEO

The global semiconductor shortage will last until 2024, according to a warning from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

According to a CNBC Data Verification Segment, Gelsinger said his prediction that the shortage will last into 2023 has changed due to the fact that the main manufacturing tools are not ready. This means that there are not enough cyhips being manufactured to meet demand.

“That’s part of the reason why we think the global semiconductor shortage will now drift towards 2024, compared to our previous estimates in 2023, simply because shortages have now hit equipment and some of these factory ramps will be more difficult.”

Keep in mind that this is a prediction, albeit an educated one, as Intel is the leader in manufacturing console chipsets and graphics cards. Xbox boss Phil Spencer says console supply issues will last through 2022, while AMD CEO Lisa Su expects the second half of 2022 to see an increase supplies. If so, you better buy this next-gen console while you can save it from running out.

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