US Video Game Developer Admits Nintendo Switch ‘Star Wars’ Game Is Broken

Aspyr, a video game developer from Austin, admitted that a port of a beloved star wars The video game on Nintendo Switch is currently unwinnable – if you play it without cheating.

The video game developer has re-released the beloved Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II — The Sith Lords on June 8 for the Nintendo Switch much to the delight of fans of the original 2004 game. But players immediately discovered that this game-breaking bug was preventing some players from completing it, Kotaku reported.

One of those players, Daniel Moore, tweeted at Aspyr on Monday, June 20, asking if they knew there was “no way to end this game.” The problem is that the game crashes after a cutscene where a war droid called Basilisk lands on a planet. The game costs US$14.99 (RM66) from the Nintendo Store.

Aspyr’s answer? They know this and tweeted that there was a fix on the way, but the company gave no timeline. But Aspyr has a workaround that may annoy some purists who want to complete the game. Cheating.

The workaround was posted on Aspyr’s website, stating that players must warp to a random location in the video game from the party select screen. Players can initiate this by triple tapping the controller stick to open the cheat menu. Once they warp to a random location, players should follow the same process and warp to “OND504”.

Aspyr is not new to porting old star wars games on the Switch. He also carried the first Knights of the Old Republic to the Switch in November 2021. The developer has also been tasked with a full remake and upgrade of the original game Knights of the Old Republic for Playstation 5 and PC.

Let’s hope for the best. – San Antonio Express-News/Tribune News Service