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mw33212 / Reddit

There are countless fun Raspberry Pi projects floating around the internet, like this ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi cassette or a black and white TV that plays modern movies. But every once in a while we see a beautiful retro-inspired device worth sharing.

Raspberry Pi-powered custom game consoles are always fun to see, but the latest version spotted on Reddit is simply wild. This retro gaming machine has two screens, two speakers and the whole console has a beautiful walnut wood finish. It’s pretty impractical, but that doesn’t make it any less epic.

According to the designer, user MW33212 on Reddit, the whole build was relatively easy and all you needed were household tools. And while it was odd to use round screens instead of a traditional square, the finished product stood out as a work of art.

Raspberry Pi wooden game console
mw33212 / Reddit

“Inside there is a Raspberry Pi 4b, a small amp, a transformer, four speakers, two small fans for cooling, several monitor driver boards, and two circular 800 x 800 resolution LCD panels. 3.4”.

We can clearly see some sort of power or volume button at the top, the two round 3.4-inch screens, and those tiny little speakers for anyone nostalgic. Mario Kart 64 sounds. The creator says it also has a screensaver mode, which turns the screens into two giant eyeballs, which sounds pretty good.

This design would work great for a digital photo frame, and in the Reddit comments, the user mentions that he could use it for exactly that. Gaming isn’t so convenient on round screens unless the content is front and center. It plays Mario Kart 64 great, but other titles may cut content.

Either way, it’s another great example of the many great things you can do with a Raspberry Pi and a bit of creativity.

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