This is what the Game Center bug looks like – TouchArcade

We’ve posted extensively about the dreaded months-old Game Center bug for a number of reasons. First of all, our forum thread is reaching critical mass, what’s even more annoying is that it’s impacting how we cover games here on TouchArcade as it goes. can not play many more iOS games. Worse still, this bug probably affects a much wider audience than anyone realizes. Think about it – iOS gaming in 2016 reached a very general public. Have you ever seen a friend of a parent who is bad with technology come across something that doesn’t work? They just don’t use it, remove whatever is causing the problem and move on with their lives.

The App Store being overload with content, how much effort do you think a mainstream casual gamer will put into fixing a free game they downloaded that isn’t working? I absolutely to promise the second step in a game that doesn’t work for that kind of person isn’t “Let me go get some TouchArcade talk.” That’s a scary prospect for game developers to think about because even though it affects a tiny percentage of the devices there, due to the sheer size of the iOS device market, you’re still talking about potentially millions of people who can’t not play games that rely on Game Center.

Anyway like every time we post about this people have no idea what the Game Center bug looks like I thought I’d repost this video that was posted on our forums this morning by CraigG. Basically, any interaction with Game Center is met with a white screen of death:

Depending on when a game invokes Game Center, this bug can render games completely unplayable. At the end of the video, he plays Dashy Crash, dies and loads the leaderboard which causes the white screen of death. If you’re playing a game that tries to load Game Center when you launch it, well, it’s totally unplayable.