The video game console that Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed the most

“Wii Sports” caused a stir when it debuted, bringing homes together with its multiple mini-games and fun motion-controlled interface. All these years later, it still ranks as the best-selling Nintendo game of all time, as noted Geek’s Lair. People just couldn’t get enough.

Apparently “Wii Sports” was also a big deal for the Royals when it debuted in the mid-2000s. A report by The People (per Wired) states that Kate Middleton gave Prince Charles a Nintendo Wii for Christmas in 2007, and the Queen was apparently so enamored with the “Bowling” mini-game that she had to try it out for herself. She apparently had a blast, taking the game as if she had been playing for years. According to The People, “She bowled a simple game of ten-pin bowling and by all accounts it was a natural.”

It’s unclear if the Queen’s Wii game expanded beyond “Wii Sports” – for example, there are no stories about her swinging the master sword in “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – but the funny anecdote really touched people. And while that may not have been her intention, Queen Elizabeth’s enjoyment of the Wii left a surprising mark on the history of collectible video games.