The Valletta-based game developer behind Hit 90’s return needs you

Did you know you could work in the video game industry on some of the biggest franchises ever produced, right here in Malta?

The world of online games has really taken off in recent years and Malta is home to a thriving community of developers and publishers, working on great games for mobile phones, PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Existinga booming independent publisher behind the hit Lemmings mobile game and a handful of other titles for Google Play and the AppStoreranging from Sackboy to Angry Birds.

You can check out some of their games here.

Exient creates games that provide fun times for people of all ages – and they’re on a mission to nurture local Maltese talent to help them develop their next big releases.

Based on the Valletta waterfront, its team of 55 (in Malta and the UK) encompasses all kinds of disciplines, from programmers and artists to marketers and data analysts, all working to maintain and improving existing games while developing new ones.

For their work on the reimagining of the classic 90s Amiga game Lemmings, the team at Exient in Malta is constantly creating new amazing levels and characters.

They even created adorable Maltese Island Tribe characters!

Maltese Island Tribe

If that sounds like something for you, you’re in luck because Exient maintains an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) standard, providing a great environment for everyone to help build their career.

Want to make your mark in the exciting world of video games?

Exient is looking for new faces to join its team! With 17 vacancies available, you are sure to find the right person for you, whether you are a recent graduate or an industry professional.

Existing is dedicated to transforming Malta into a place that nurtures the next generation of game developers – so why not join their tribe?

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