The PS5 becomes the first game console to integrate Apple Music

This week, Sony’s PS5 became the first console to introduce a built-in Apple Music experience, unlocking over 90 million songs to listen to while you play.

As reported by PlayStation.Blog, the integration went live yesterday and will work for anyone with an active Apple Music subscription. In addition to tens of millions of songs to listen to, your PS5 will have access to Apple-selected playlists, custom playlists, and Apple Music Radio. If you are done playing, it is also possible to sit back and enjoy 4K music videos through your console.

Access to Apple Music is through an app, with the option to start the app from the PS5 menu or while playing (press the PS button, then go to the control panel and the music function card) . That way, if you don’t like the music offered in a game, you can choose to listen to Apple Music tracks in the background instead. Music videos can be played, paused and restarted seamlessly at any time.

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To access Apple Music, you need to navigate to All apps on your PS5 and then select Apple Music> Download. Once downloaded, launch the app, sign in and follow the instructions to link your accounts together. If you don’t have an Apple Music subscription, you can sign up using the process above and simply select “Sign Up” on the login screen.

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