The necessary qualities that a great mobile game developer must possess

The mobile gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and the numbers keep growing, with total annual revenue in 2021 surpassing the $90 billionaccording to new zoo. With a record eight mobile games surpassing $1 billion of global player spending in 2021, according to SensorTower. It is very likely that the mobile market will see the total number of games grossing over $1 billion reach double digits in 2022.

The data suggests that the US and Europe are leading with more independent game developers, mainly due to the expansion of mobile esports games in the US market and other developing markets like the India, the Philippines, etc.. Aside from major studios, the numbers have also caught the interest of many new developers. And the internet is flooded with questions about how to start a career and succeed as a mobile game developer. In this article, we will try to understand some important steps to become a successful mobile game developer.

Must have the qualities of a top mobile game developer

1. Basic training and coding skills

To become a successful mobile game developer, you should preferably have a basic background in software development or mobile app development. Behind every flashy, well-animated video game is a set of codes that make the experience seamless for its users. So in this case, your basics should be crystal clear with an understanding of stable software design and the whole process. Have knowledge of crucial programming languages ​​such as C++, SQL, Python, HTML5, JavaScriptetc

2. Develop your storytelling skills

Storytelling in a video game is important because it helps the player feel more involved and immersed in the game. It gives meaning to everything in the game and helps the player understand what to do. The advantage of video games is that unlike other types of storytelling, the player is part of the story.

To come up with original game ideas, you need a spark of creativity in your approach to storytelling. Along with this, you also need to have a clear understanding of your target audience’s cultural tastes and preferences.

3. Build a trusted team

Building a trusted and dedicated team is probably the most important factor in determining the success of the mobile game you build. How difficult it is to manage everything from coding, design, art, sound engineering, business development and project management by one person. So, having a dedicated and trustworthy team will not only help create a great individual mobile game, but will also allow the company to succeed as a mobile game developer.

Game development requires many operational and development sprints before it is completed. And the team only succeeds when everyone fulfills their assigned responsibilities, with a sense of responsibility. This is an important characteristic of a top notch game development team and a good working project of any kind.

4. Aim To Complement Your Team’s Skills

The concept of team comes from the idea that a member of the team brings his expertise, which covers the limits of another member and vice versa. So, in the field of game development where various skill sets are required, it becomes very important to balance these skill sets as much as possible.

Jagex modernizes a game with older fan base qualities a leading mobile game developer

5. Choose your target audience wisely

Once you’ve finalized team members with varying skill sets, it’s crucial to decide on the target audience. The target audience is the demographic group most likely to engage with a particular mobile game based on their interests and habits. Knowing the target audience also helps in running a successful marketing campaign for your game as it will help you reach everyone at once.

6. Build the perfect portfolio

Your game development experience and your portfolio of games of all genres are crucial factors in determining whether or not you will become a successful mobile game developer. There are many game developers with various genres while there are different developers with different mobile games in the same genre.

Building a portfolio not only helps target different audiences, but also helps attract the attention of major game studios. There are various examples of many great game developers who started out by creating simple mobile games at first and then evolved into more complex games which resulted in more active players and hence more revenue.

What do you think of the most basic and necessary qualities a top mobile game developer should possess and learn? Let us know in the comments section below.

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