The Jacksonville Game Center arcade was closed after burglars ripped a hole in the wall – Action News Jax

Scammers plow a hole in a local game store Scammers plow a hole in a local game store

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Burglars broke into a local game store Sunday morning as they were leaving and walked away with some of the store’s most valuable collectibles.

Jacksonville Game Center carries hundreds of game cards, but they were carrying many more before burglars hit their business early Sunday morning.

Justin Pettinger is shopping at the play center.


“I was trying to see if they were open this morning, but saw the windows were broken,” Pettinger said.

Pettinger said the company has some of the most valuable Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering trading cards in the region.

“It’s really low to steal cards, but they’re worth the money,” Pettinger said.

Pettinger told Action News Jax that the place is special and it’s clear whoever did this has been there before.

“I know there are a few cards that are worth thousands of dollars.

They can sell them on eBay or trade them elsewhere,” he said.

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Andre Jarrell owns Dental Place of Jax nearby.

“This game store here is always busy. It’s a popular spot here in this plaza,” Jarrell said.

He said the area has seen its share of break-ins.

“We didn’t have any incidents but, on this side of the square, we saw problems,” he said.

Jarrell said the mall needs to tighten its security.

“We need better security,” Jarrell said.

People who shop here agree.

“Maybe security is patrolling the area because there’s a college near here,” Pettinger said. “I think it’s a shame.”

The store owner declined to go on camera, but said he was working with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to determine the number of stolen items.