The indie game developer has a perfect answer to Roe v. wade

This ruling came as no surprise to anyone, but the disappointment doesn’t begin to cover the weight of the emotions after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last Friday. Businesses and corporations have also started commenting. Social media is full of statements from various companies about where they stand and how they plan to help those affected by the ruling. It’s comforting, but also infuriating that we’re at this point.

Browsing through Valentine Powell’s thread, I came across an answer that captured my mood perfectly. In situations like this, companies tend to offer a paragraph or two of reassuring words in a fairly civil manner. Team Meat, known for their “you’re gonna die a lot” games like Super meat boyhad a different approach.

They aren’t the only ones to inject a fierce “fuck you” into their statement, but they were the first post I saw that left it in a single sentence. They have a follow-up tweet that gives a more detailed response to the Supreme Court’s decision which reads, “It’s not about ‘life’ at all, people with wombs will die in the frame. dangerous and illegal procedures. It’s terrifying and will go down as a dark day in American history. It’s actually an appropriate stance to see from Team Meat, because Super meat boy is a game about abortion.

Artist and illustrator Jayconian lays out the theme of the game in the tweet above.

Super Meat Boy’s main theme is literally about the hardships and struggles of going through an abortion. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts, how much you have to get through it, because eventually there will be peace in the end. The creator himself, Edmund McMillan, confirmed this.

The literal plot of the game is that a fetus is holding a Meatboys loved one hostage, and in trying to save her, you go through a hospital, hell, and the end of the world itself just to be with her again. .

As Jayconian puts it, the game’s abortion theme was confirmed by Edmund McMillenwho created Super meat boy with Tommy Refens. McMillen wrote about this on Tumblr years ago.

100% professional choice

Danielle and I had to make that choice when we met 17 years ago, it was very difficult but it was the right thing to do and it’s great that we were able to make another choice later in life. life when we were totally ready for a child.

Fun fact: that’s actually what Meat Boy was all about…but some of you already knew that, right?

It never occurred to me when I was playing Super meat boy, but to see it presented like that really makes a lot of sense. Although McMillen is no longer with Team Meat, the game’s message and the studio’s position are still strong today.

Kiss my ass that’s exactly how i feel right now

When Roe v. Wade was knocked down on Friday, the overwhelming feeling I felt was a mixture of exhaustion and numbness. I didn’t feel the burning rage or the will to fight harder than ever before, I was just…tired. I was tired because the decision felt like another thing against me. As a queer black woman, I feel like this has been the default setting for my entire existence. I can’t explain what it’s like to grow up learning and being discriminated against about things that are truly beyond your control. By the time I came out at 18, one of the reactions I had was, “Great, here’s another one something someone will hate. I would have come to fully accept it over time, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified of adding homophobia to my to-do list.

What’s really heartbreaking is that there comes a time when you learn that the hate you have to deal with isn’t just on the “stranger looks at you kinda funny” level. You learn that there are people who have the power to legitimately take away your rights because they just…want to. That’s what struck me on Friday. I can write articles and speak at events about why people should let me live my life in peace, but the decision with Roe v. Wade was a quick punch on the power of the people I need to convince. I’ve always known this, but Friday was like a reminder not to get too comfortable because one day you’ll wake up and have to ask the Supreme Court for permission to eat at home. It’s hard to digest this truth, especially when you realize that once upon a time, your own mother was fighting for the right to decide what she did with her body, saw Roe v. Wade come to fruition and is always there to see he knocked down.

When I saw people encouraging us to fight, I felt so defeated because I felt like I had fought my whole life to protect certain aspects of it. Truth be told, I have. The posts about it NOT being America being America wore me out because it still been my America somehow. I felt nothing when I saw reminders about the Supreme Court “coming for (insert thing) next” because someone still tried to reduce my ability to live comfortably. I made two semi-long posts, and by “long” I mean “can fit in one tweet”. One was begging people not to suggest leaving the country. It’s always someone’s comment as if there’s a magic safe space with no issues that I can easily uproot my whole life into. My second tweet was just…reminding people to breathe.

The reason Team Meat’s post hit me so hard is that it got straight to the point. I couldn’t form the words that conveyed my feelings, but that single message telling the Supreme Court to “fuck off” seemed like the perfect summary of how I felt and how I still feel. It is completely unfair that people can impose their beliefs on all of us in this way. It is completely unfair to have to fight to be able to make decisions that will not affect anyone but me, myself and me. It’s totally unfair to have to prove that I’m worthy of something called ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’.

It’s like that because is unfair. So here is. The Supreme Court can fuck off.

(Featured Image: Team Meat)

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