The game console will become a better game without graphics cards from January

In addition to NVIDIA management, third-party analysts are hopeful that the release of the new GeForce RTX 40 gaming graphics cards, combined with efforts to rid inventory of previous generation products, will allow the company to cope with the phase acute crisis of overproduction by the end of the year. The fourth quarter for NVIDIA is expected to be the toughest time for the industry to pursue its market.

Source: Nvidia.

Analysts pointed out this week that NVIDIA’s long-term success is elusive, so it’s hard to predict when it will shed excess gaming GPUs and start increasing its base revenue. The technology accelerator market will lead to a segment with an annual turnover of up to one trillion dollars, and the company will carve out a large share of the market.

Demand in the gaming segment won’t increase until the end of the current fiscal year, which NVIDIA’s schedule will come into effect at the end of January. Since there is a chance that the demand in the gaming market will recover, the fourth quarter will be the lowest for NVIDIA. In addition to the second quarter, it will ramp up and get out of the saddle. In addition, in the fourth quarter, the company will begin to positively affect its earnings by the start of mass shipments of Hopper architecture computing accelerators. According to Stifel representatives, NVIDIA has significantly limited the supply of gaming GPUs, and the release of new products from Ada Lovelace will give them an impulsive boost. But that won’t affect revenue until next year.

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