The 5 up-and-coming game developer teams from Gamecity Hamburg’s incubation program present their projects and progress at Games Lift Graduation 2021 – European Gaming Industry News

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At this year’s Games Lift Incubator program final event, five teams showcased their game projects live at the Factory Hammerbrooklyn startup center in Hamburg on December 2. During the intensive three-month phase of the incubator, the teams received one-on-one coaching, mentoring and workshops from international game experts, as well as financial support of 15,000 euros per project and spaces for working in a co-working space of the Gamecity Hamburg localization initiative. All five teams have reached milestones in the development of their games and concepts.

“I am impressed with the progress the teams have shown in just three months. I can’t wait to learn more about the teams and their games in the future, ”comments Wolf Lang, CEO of event agency Super Crowd Entertainment, co-founder of independent studio THREAKS and member of the Games Lift award committee. Incubator.

“The Games Lift graduation show vividly demonstrates the great effects that targeted fundraising programs such as the Games Lift Incubator can have in leveraging Hamburg’s potential as a gaming site,” adds Dennis Schoubye, Director of Gamecity Hamburg.

At the final event, “Games Lift Graduation”, the five teams publicly presented their projects for the first time and gave an overview of their development progress as well as the way forward. Twitch streamer Nina Dreßler “OddNina” and Dennis Schoubye led the evening.

For the developer teams, the incubator offered the opportunity to critically examine their ideas in exchange with experienced mentors, refine their game concepts and check out the market potential. For example, the young developer teams planned and discussed possible game title changes, the right pitch for their ideas, and concrete plans for Kickstarter campaigns to fund further development.

These five teams have successfully completed the intensive phase of Games Lift Incubator 2021 with their projects:

The invitation through tool1

Timo Becker, Martin Kleingräber and Stephen Sommerfeld have known each other since their college days and founded their tool1 game studio to make the action-packed multiplayer looter-shooter The Invitation. Graphically rich and focused on dynamic player interactions, players fight to survive with each other, each other, and against each other in a post-apocalyptic world under attack by aliens.

PROSPECTOR through Symmetry breaking games
The Symmetry Break Games team around HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences graduates Anca Tutescu, Jan Barow, Julian Heinken is working with Franziska Blinde and Cecilia Theophil on PROSPECTOR, a sci-fi adventure with a gripping story and system of innovative dialogue. In the game, all the characters wear mysterious masks to protect themselves from toxic fumes, which have other surprising functions.

VR monstersongs through Denise koch
Solo developer Denise Koch brings experience from the world of theater and music and is currently working on the development of a “Music 2.0”: Monstersongs VR is an adaptation of the hit “Monstersongs Rock Musical” as an interactive story in virtual reality in a theater full of monsters. As a project manager, Denise Koch brings together the sons of her team of experienced composers, illustrators and VR developers.

night shift through consider it
Kevin Westphal and Timo Schneider from “consider it” are working on “supernightshift”, a mobile game based on a map application they developed and which uses real-time traffic data. Players must travel to their mysterious “night shift” destination with a limited budget of time and money and different means of transportation in real cities.

The Treepoids through SUPERNATURAL GAMES
Brothers Gerrit and Patrick Henschel founded their SUPERNATURAL GAMES studio together in 2019 and are developing a 2D strategy adventure game with lovingly hand-drawn storylines. The alien plant creatures “Treepoids” solve puzzles, engage in strategic battles and must thus save the environment of a mysterious green island.

Supporting the five teams through the Games Lift Incubator program does not stop with graduation: over the next 12 months, they will continue to have access to the incubator’s extensive network of contacts, as well as individual support services for coaches, consultants and a public relations agency specializing in games. The aim is to help developers with long-term support to create successful games for the international games market in Hamburg.

From May 2022, teams and developers can apply for the next Games Lift Incubator. All the information on the incubator and the teams that have already carried out the program is available on: