Tencent Game Console Design Patent Authorized – Pandaily

According to Tianyancha App, the Chinese tech giant Tencent has obtained a patent for a “PC console” tuesday. The patent abstract shows that the product is to be used for games and entertainment with the essential features of the design residing in the shape of the product itself.

Images featured in the patent show the console appearing black and orange, with joysticks and buttons on both sides, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

As of last March, photos of TencentThe game console began to circulate on the Internet. At that time, the images showed that the game console has Win 10 buttons. However, the Win 10 button on the now revealed image is missing, which may indicate that the game console may not be running Windows system and can only work Tencent‘s own games just like the Switch.

Tencent is currently the sole agent for the Nintendo Switch in China, which was released on December 4, 2019. Before licensing the Switch console, Tencent had a few of its own ideas for PC gaming consoles, including launching a WeGame custom version of the Hardes Canyon NUC in cooperation with Intel, which focused on miniaturized design and high-performance gaming.

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TencentThe current performance of mobile games has also been in the foreground. According to Sensor Tower, in March 2022, Tencent“Honor of Kings” by grossed $272 million across the world’s two major app stores, ranking No. 1 on the global list of top-selling mobile games, growing 5.8% from a year to year. Revenue from the Chinese iOS market accounted for 96.6%, while revenue from overseas markets accounted for 3.4%.