Stray VIP lounge: how to enter

Towards the beginning of the final act of Wander, you need to know how to get to the VIP lounge. With Wander Having a very minimal heads-up display and no 3D quest markers, it can be difficult to know exactly how to progress through the game. Luckily, we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out how to get to the VIP lounge by Wander.

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Stray VIP Lounge: where is the nightclub?

You will be tasked with entering the VIP lounge once back in Clementine’s apartment and finding out that she is not there. After deciphering her hidden message, you will learn that she is waiting in the nearby nightclub with Blazer.

To find the nightclub, you will need to exit the building and return to the main square in Midtown. From there, turn left and go down the small staircase. After rounding the corner, you will see a line of people queuing outside the nightclub.

Lost VIP lounge

As long as you found the right building, you still need to infiltrate it. Entering through the front door is not an option, so you’ll have to get creative. Head to the back of the building using the alley to the right of the nightclub.

Once at the back of the building, you will see robots learning through an open window and helping each other around the room. You can use the trash cans and rooftops in front of the nightclub to direct you to the open window and inside.

Stray VIP lounge: where is it?

Lost VIP lounge

Once inside the nightclub, there is still some way to go until you find Clementine. Blazer is located in the VIP Lounge, located high above the club’s flashing lights. To access it, you will need to acquire a crutch from one of the nightclub patrons. Head to the left of the bar and look for a bright yellow cocktail. You can pick it up by walking up to it and interacting with B-12.

Then head to the opposite corner of the club to a robot with a green torso. Give him the cocktail in exchange for a lever handle. Then, take to the stage alongside the Daft Punk hustlers. To the left of the stage, you will see a control panel where you can place the level handle. Once you activate the lever, the columns of holograms will descend. Jump on the nearby one and wait for the DJ to pull the lever again.

Lost VIP lounge

Once you jump down, you’ll find yourself in a control panel room with three buttons. These all control the height of the lighting platforms in front. You will need to position them so that you can pass to the other side of the disco. Press the corresponding buttons the following number of times to create a clear path to the other side:

  • left button: Thrice
  • middle button: Twice
  • right button: Once

You should now be able to get to the other side of the disco without any problem. Once done, you will now find yourself in the Wander VIP lounge.

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