Squid Game ‘VIP’ Actor Geoffrey Giuliano Has Indian Connection

Unless you’ve been avoiding social media in the past couple of weeks, you’ve seen a robotic little girl, teal tracksuits, and ‘Ali Deserved Better’ memes, all referencing the new Korean-language show from Netflix, Squid Game. Squid Game became the streaming platform’s most watched original, breaking Bridgerton’s record. Squid Game is a South Korean series in which 456 people crushed by crushing debt are approached by a mysterious salesman, who offers them to participate in a game with a winning prize of 45.6 billion South Korean won. The show features a cast consisting of Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-Yeon, O Yeong-Su, Anupam Tripathi, Gong Yoo Wi Ha-Joon, among others. But aside from Delhi-born Anupam Tripathi, who plays ‘Ali’ on the show, there’s one other person who shares a connection to India: ‘VIP’ actor Geoffrey Giuliano.

As the game progresses into its final turns, a group of VIPs reach the island, their identities covered in metallic animal masks. Giuliano plays the role of one of those bloodthirsty VIPs, who watches brutal games with great fascination, relishing brutal killings. These VIPs, as it is later revealed, are the richest 1%, who miss earthly pleasures and luxury. They now treat games like sport and profit by betting on the players in the game. It’s the same trope we’ve seen throughout history: from Romans betting on gladiators to boxing movies to Hunger Games. Giuliano, however, receives the most attention and screen time among VIPs and manages to strike a particularly nasty chord with audiences for having overall portrayed a horrible character from start to finish.

But did you know that the 68-year-old is also an American author and radio personality, in addition to being an actor. Giuliano has written extensively on music, particularly the works of The Beatles, including individual biographies for the members. Some of Giuliano’s works are Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, The Lost Beatles Interviews, Dark Horse: The Private Life of George Harrison, and Behind Blue Eyes: The Life of Pete Townshend, according to Sportskeeda. During the Indian Covid-19 pandemic, Giuliano was stranded in India. In a May 2020 article, Republic reported that Giuliano was in India and took “his son to visit the Taj Mahal while visiting several doctors. The New York-born actor had a liposuction consultation and was planning on getting dental treatment to enhance his acting career. In an interview with a leading portal, Giuliano revealed that he now lives as a beggar and survives on the goodwill of an inn and the food donated by others. airports and country borders on May 18.

Giuliano lives in Thailand and was recently criticized for past behavior that was noticed after his appearance on Netflix’s Squid Game. According to a 2017 Daily Mail report, Giuliano barged past a customer of a Thai supermarket, who claimed that Giuliani then threw around 25 items on the conveyor belt which was in the “ten items or less” area. He started filming Giuliano – even telling him he would share it publicly – who then launched a crass rant in front of his own wife and child. “I’m American, I do whatever I want, we are the kings of the world, okay,” Giuliano reportedly said, then launched into a series of curses.

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