South Korean Game Developer KRAFTON Launches ‘Responsible Gaming’ Campaign to Promote Responsible Gambling

Restrictions for minors like the OTP wall are included to ensure guardians’ consent to play BGMI
Anti-addiction steps like capping playing time and daily spending limits

Anti-violence measures introduced – high-pitched words replaced

KRAFTON, Inc., the South Korean video game developer is leading a “Responsible Gaming” campaign for BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA). Beginning with a series of films, the campaign encourages players to make a commitment to taking care of themselves and the sanity of their teammates as they take on the battlefields. It promotes safer and more responsible gambling habits and educates gamers to cultivate safer and healthier gambling habits.

The first movie that came out on YouTube is aimed at parents and tackles the core issue of continuous play in a light-hearted way. The second film will encourage gamers to occasionally “search” from the phone they are still buried in. Overall, the films convey the responsible gaming message with the security features of BGMI. These films reinforce the importance of the campaign and will work with key players and partners to increase awareness.

One of the first games in the world to implement measures for the well-being of its players, including measures to reduce playing time, this initiative mainly aims to promote a better game-life balance while enjoying the fields. battle.

BATTLEGROUNDS was launched with an array of efforts to ensure that while players are having fun playing BGMI, they take sufficient care of their physical and mental health, and parents are also adequately equipped with tools for imparting healthy checks and balances while playing BGMI.

“We care deeply about our players, which is why we have acted. These changes were made to ensure that responsible gaming practices are adopted by gaming enthusiasts, especially minors. It also affirms integrity and the fairness of our business practices of putting the community first. Yes, we aim to provide the best entertainment and experiences to our players, but at the same time, the mental and physical health of our players remains one of our top priorities, ”said Woool Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at KRAFTON.

Building a responsible gaming culture in a country that loves video games is crucial. The campaign is focused on addressing the imbalance behind continuous play to balance play, and aims to raise awareness about creating a responsible gaming culture for all players.

Here are some important steps that exist in the game for parents to know and understand.

VIRTUAL WORLD WARNING MESSAGE: Right before the game started, we made sure our players were aware of the virtual world they are entering. The in-game audio reinforces the fact that this game exists in a virtual world and is not their real life.

OTP AUTHENTICATION: Each player, under the age of 18, must register a parent or guardian before starting to play for the first time. An OTP will be sent to the number of the registered person, after which the minor is allowed to play the game.

BREAK REMINDERS: Some games can get intense and waste time for players. But with our downtime reminders, we’ve made sure our players get the required downtime. These reminders help them exit their game and return to real life, maintaining a healthy balance between play and life.

GAME LIMITS: With a strict play limit in place, we’ve made sure that players under the age of 18 do not play more than 3 hours per day. This automatically helps them to think of gambling as an activity practiced in moderation.

DAILY SPEND LIMITS: We have also set a daily in-game spending limit of Rs. 7000 which automatically prevents them from spending too much money and playing too much.

MODERATE GAME GRAPHICS: We have heightened awareness of game graphics to instill a healthy and responsible gaming culture. We have reduced violence, bloodshed, and set parameters that keep the tongue under control.

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