PS5 stock – live: Game, PS Direct, BT and Very are restocking the console – here’s where to buy one today

<p>Looking for the elusive PS5 console?  Here’s where to buy it?  </p>
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Looking for the elusive PS5 console? Here’s where to buy it?

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Update August 9: Standalone PS5 disc edition console is in stock at PlayStation Direct. PS5 bundles are also in stock at BT Shop, Game, Very, Hughes and To analyse. Invitations have also been sent to Amazon. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been ridiculously difficult to pick up. Supply chain issues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic have all but halted production of Sony’s latest games console.

Thankfully, the inventory situation has improved dramatically in recent months, with PS5 bundles readily available from at least one retailer since late April. Game and the BT shop, as well as several independent retailers such as The game collection and To analyse continued to lead the charge.

This flurry of console restocks continued throughout July, and so far it looks like the good news will continue through August and into September. But while restocks have become more frequent, buying a console on its own remains a challenge, with retailers preferring to restock bundles rather than the standalone console – those sell out in the blink of an eye. We only started seeing digital console bundles hitting stores last month, but even those have since dried up.

If you’re still on the hunt for the elusive PlayStation 5, we’ve got a tip for you: sit back on this live blog and watch your real-time alerts. Our goal is to guarantee you a next-gen machine, whether it’s a bundle, standalone disc or digital edition console, as well as providing you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab with your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Smyths should be restocked on PS5 this month

We haven’t seen much from Smyths Toys lately. The retailer last had a PS5 restock on July 13, which quickly sold out. And despite the fact that more consoles would arrive before the end of the month, that didn’t happen. There’s currently no online stock to be had, but Smyths says more PS5 consoles will arrive at some point in August, with no specific date.

As always, we’ll update you as soon as we hear more about a Smyths Toys PS5 restock.


How to Buy a PS5 on Amazon

Amazon recently changed the way it sells PS5 consoles. Instead of stocks appearing randomly and then selling out in the blink of an eye, the retail giant is now asking shoppers to request an invite. Click the button and you will be added to a waiting list. Then, when Amazon has consoles in stock, it will randomly choose lucky buyers from that list.

If you are selected, you will receive an email inviting you to make the purchase; you have a few days to complete the order, and once you are done, the console will be sent immediately. Above all, it is the standard disc edition console alone, without any games or accessories. So if that’s what you want, you should head over to Amazon, hit the “request an invite” button, and keep an eye on your inbox for the next few days.


This PS5 bundle at Scan is unlike any other

Scan has a stock PS5 bundle that is unlike any other. Instead of including many games – or “Player1” branded clothing, like Game fact – Scan includes a 1TB storage expansion card and a Sabrent heatsink to help keep the PS5 and its storage nice and cool.

The bundle costs £719.99 and comes with the PS5 disc edition, plus Forbidden Horizon West and a second Dualsense controller.


Very has PS5 consoles available for pre-order

Very also has PS5 consoles available today, but they’re being sold through a pre-order system and will ship later in the month on August 26. The retailer has the PS5 disc edition bundle with Forbidden Horizon West for £499.99, or for £559.98 if you add an extra Dualsense controller.


BT has reactivated its passcode system

We all got a little excited yesterday when BT removed the need for a passcode to purchase a PS5 from its BT Shop website. These codes are only available to BT customers, so for a while anyone could pick up a console, no code required.

However, we are now wondering if this was a mistake, as access codes are required again. If you are a BT broadband customer, you can request a code when logging into the website. Then you just need to enter it on the BT store website and you can buy a console. BT currently has four PS5 bundles in stock (but no consoles on their own).

  • PS5 Digital Edition with a second Dualsense controller (white): £419.97
  • PS5 Disc Edition with a second Dualsense controller (black): £508.98
  • PS5 Disc Edition with a second Dualsense controller (red): £513.99
  • PS5 Disc Edition with a second Dualsense controller (white) and Forbidden Horizon West: £549.97

Hughes has two PS5 bundles in stock today

If you have a bigger budget for your PS5 purchase, electronics retailer Hughes has a few bundle deals for you. The first is priced at £659.94 and includes the PS5 Disc Edition with a second Dualsense controller, Forbidden Horizon West, FIFA 22 and the official PS5 media remote.

Another Hughes set includes the disc editing console, a second Dualsense controller, FIFA 22, Gran Turismo 7 and a gaming headset for £699.95.


These PS5 Bundles Are Available On Game Today

The game is another retailer with PS5 stock available today, but the console isn’t available for purchase on its own. Instead, the cheapest bundle at Game is priced at £564.98 and includes the console with Forbidden Horizon West, a second Dualsense controller and a ‘Player 1’ t-shirt. Adding a charging station for two controllers raises the price to £589.97.

Alternatively, the console may be available with Forbidden Horizon West, Gran Turismo 7 and a second Dualsense controller for £629.97.


PS5 consoles are still available on PS Direct

After restocking its virtual shelves yesterday, PS Direct still has Disc Edition consoles in stock and ready to buy right now. What’s key here is how the consoles come on their own and aren’t part of a bundle, making it easy to buy exactly what you want, instead of spending more on a bundle with games and accessories you may not be looking for.

The PS5 Disc Edition is available now for £449.99, and all you need to do is log into your PlayStation account on the PS Direct website to make the purchase. The console can also be purchased with Forbidden Horizon West for £499.99.



Welcome to another day of the IndyBest PS5 restock live blog – and we’ve got some good news for you. After a whole bunch of restocks landed yesterday, we can report that many retailers still have consoles available and ready to buy right now. Stay tuned to this live blog today for all the latest stock level news from UK and US retailers.