Polymega ™ HD Modular Game Console Unveils N64 Support with Ultra Element EM05 Mod Pack

With Polymega, retrogaming fans can play an ever-growing list of classic game cartridges and CD gaming systems in high definition, without the bulk and inferior video quality to decades-old hardware. It supports original classic game media and controllers for everything from the 8-bit NES to hard-to-emulate 32-bit systems such as Sega Saturn and now N64. It is the perfect gaming console for gamers looking for a classic gaming experience that is both authentic and modern for their living room.

Polymega was recently reviewed by Polygon, Nintendo’s life, PCMag, and YouTube influencers like Metal Jesus rocks.

Main characteristics

  • First CD-compatible retro console (playable only on Base Unit, no module required)
  • Infinitely expandable modules for cartridge set support, now with N64 support.
  • Best-in-class input latency (less than a frame delay)
  • Install your games and create a beautiful digital library
  • Buy digital versions (coming soon)
  • Log in and buy games and more
  • HDTV Compatible Optical Gun (GC01)
  • Powerful Intel Coffee Lake S processor
  • No complicated setup

Pricing and availability
Polymega can be configured now from $ 449.99 USD for the base unit, with modules available for $ 79.99 each on the Polymega website.


Link to Google Drive
Download the zip file

Social media
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Blog – https://polymega.com/blogs/system-software-updates

About Playmaji
Playmaji, Inc. is a Californiaspecialist developer, producer and manufacturer of next generation video game related products for new and retro game consoles. The team have diverse experience and have shipped products such as AAA video games Ratchet & Clank and Fall of the Titans, Google Chrome Store digital storefronts, Vizio M-Series TVs and Roku 2, 3 and 4K TV boxes. To learn more about Playmaji and Polymega, please visit https://www.polymega.com.

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