PocketStar is an open source retro game console for your keychain (crowdfunding)

The PocketStar is a portable game console with an OLED screen, D-Pad, two action buttons, accelerometer, vibration motor, rechargeable battery and built-in speaker. It runs open source software and should be able to handle classic 8-bit games as well as newer games with a retro twist.

But what sets PockStar apart from most consoles is that it’s tiny. As really tiny. Small enough to fit on a tiny key chain. Small enough to be barely playable, honestly.

The PocketStar measures 40mm x 30mm x 10mm, or about 2″ x 1.2″ x 0.4″. This makes it small enough to slip easily into a pocket. But that also means there’s not much room for a big screen, big buttons or big battery.

Thus, the mini console only has a 0.95-inch, 94 x 64 pixel color OLED screen, a D-Pad and two action buttons. There is a microSD card reader for storage and the PocketStar is powered by an ESP32-C3 chip, which is a 160MHz processor with built-in support for WiFi 4 and Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy.

The system supports multiplayer gaming over WiFi, and I guess you can also pair the system with a Bluetooth game controller if you want to be ridiculous.

The processor isn’t exactly a speed demon, but device makers say it will support Game Boy and Sega Master System titles through emulators.

It’s a bit unusual to see things like a vibration motor and an accelerometer in such a small and cheap device. But the small screen and controller still seem cumbersome to use for anything other than very brief gaming sessions while you’re waiting in line or riding the bus.

Going through Gizmodo and Punch

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