Oppo Game Center (v8.2) update allows users to pre-order games

Gaming is no longer a thing reserved for consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Today, some of the most resource-intensive games have found their way to mobile devices, allowing gamers to enjoy their best titles even when on the go.

Gone are the days when you just had to sit in a room behind a console or PC to enjoy a title like the popular Grand Theft Auto series, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Plants vs. Zombies, Max Payne, Final Fantasy IX and so on.

PUBG was first released on Windows PC and later on Xbox One before coming to Android, iOS and PS4

Today, almost all popular game developers have the mobile user in mind, and in fact, some of the most popular games of recent times, such as Pokemon Go, are mobile-only, which is saying a lot. on the power of smartphones.

Pokemon Go is a mobile-only game

Contemporary smartphones contain some of the most sophisticated hardware specifically aimed at resource-intensive gaming activities. That’s why handhelds are quickly becoming go-to devices for enthusiastic gamers.

The mobile gaming industry is so lucrative that several OEMs have ventured into producing gaming specific smartphones like ROG phone, Razer phone, Xiaomi Black Shark, etc.

Asus ROG Phone is among the growing number of gaming phones

Along with powerful processing units such as the gaming-specific Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ and internal liquid cooling systems to maintain the right temperature during intensive gaming, some vendors are also turning to software optimizations to provide an optimal gaming environment. .

Over the past few years, we’ve seen gaming-specific software optimizations like GPU Turbo (Huawei), Gaming Mode and Game Launcher (Samsung), Fnatic mode (OnePlus), Shark mode and Game Dock (Xiaomi), and Game Enhancer (Sony ), among others.

Fnatic Mode
Fnatic mode launched alongside the OnePlus 7

For those using Oppo-branded smartphones, the Chinese vendor has something for you in the form of Oppo Game Center. Of course, it’s not the same as this world’s Fnatic and GPU Turbo modes, but with this tool, Oppo users can now access their favorite games in one place.

The Oppo Game Center is basically an app store for games and apparently Oppo is about to update the app with a new version 8.2 starting tomorrow, August 29th. The rollout will be airborne, which is why Oppo says some app users may have to wait until mid-September to pick up the new version.

We have a brand new OPPO Game Center update for you. To provide you with more game services and stable using experience, we will update OPPO Game Center to the latest version (V8.2) automatically under login from August 29 to September 15.

Oppo Game Center
Oppo Game Center v8.2 update (Source)

The highlight of the Oppo Game Center update to version 8.2 is a new feature that allows users to pre-order their favorite games. This feature will be available to all Oppo users in markets where Oppo Game Center is available.

Additionally, the app update will come with some bug fixes and improvements to the overall user experience, among other improvements.

Oppo Game Center update changelog (v8.2) (Source)

A good number of Realme smartphones have already received the Oppo Game Center application via recent software updates, among them Realme 1 & U1, Realme 2 Pro and more recently, Realme 3 Pro.

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