NYU Game Center Lecture Series Presents McKenzie Wark

Originally published in 2006, McKenzie Wark’s Gaming Theory remains one of the most in-depth explorations of how video games fit into 21st century culture. As a preeminent critical theorist of her generation, Wark examined how video games reflected to their players the economic, cultural and ultimately algorithmic forces that led the overdeveloped world to project itself into the image of a “gaming space.” . Join us for a discussion with Professor Wark who looks back at gamer theory from 15 years of hindsight, places the book in his larger body of work, and links it to both the contemporary video game industry and to “death. of capitalism ”.

Elton Kuns posters. Find more of his work here.

The NYU Game Center Lecture Series will be live and streamed online for the Fall 2021 lectures! Discussions will take place live at the NYU Game Center with a very limited in-person audience of current NYU students and faculty only. The lectures will be simultaneously broadcast live on twitch.tv/nyugamecenter. All lectures are free in person and online.

The NYU Game Center would like to thank our event sponsors: Cool planet, Take-Two Interactive, Points, and Development of the Empire State. Their generous support makes our events possible.

RSVPs will open for current NYU students and faculty on Friday, September 10 at 1:00 p.m. ET. No RSVP is required to watch the twitch.tv stream, and the stream is free and open to the public.