Now It’s Personal: How Technology Can ‘Humanize’ VIP Programs – Marketing Technology

In today’s regulatory environment, it is no longer viable to set up a VIP program simply by offering bonuses to customers who spend a lot. However, Domenico Mazzola, sales manager at Flows, says a more “human” touch is the ultimate way to build brand loyalty.

Since the dawn of the online gambling industry, operators have used bonuses and VIP programs to acquire and retain players. But gone are the days when you could just offer bonuses to your VIP players to keep them happy.

Dominique Mazzola

Regulatory reforms in jurisdictions like Sweden, Denmark and the UK mean that the era of carefree bonuses is over. Today, regulators seek to impose limits on what are perceived to be irresponsible promotional strategies.

As such, operators now need to be much more creative about how they retain players. With restrictions on bonuses, operators need to be more careful about when and how they present promotions to their customers. And to do that, they need to pack the right technology.

While regulations may become stricter, the good news is that technology solutions are becoming smarter and more agile, allowing operators to explore new ways to satisfy their gamers.

More loyalty

Recent studies suggest that consumers across all industries are losing brand loyalty.

So, in a crowded online gaming market, a 5% increase in player retention can translate to a 25% increase in profits, according to research by Slotegrator.

Offering personalized, localized and adapted promotions is essential to improve the relationship you have with your VIPs, especially for any operator who wants to retain them and reduce acquisition costs.

The solution to this may be technology. Implementing technology that enables automated reward processes into your current system not only helps amplify personalized and localized marketing, but it also humanizes the customer experience, which in turn helps improve engagement. and, ultimately, the relationships a brand has with its customers.

Rain or shine

At the same time, the right technology can also help fuel creativity and ensure that online and retail operations complement each other perfectly.

For example, if you’re an operator looking to fully captivate that full omnichannel experience, you can set up a location and weather-based promotion to reward your online VIP players in a way that complements both your entity and your online and land-based features. kind of the “wow” factor.

You can quickly identify all VIP players actively playing on your online site within a 5 km radius of your point of sale.

If the weather is nice, you can activate an alert to send them a bonus cocktail encouraging them to come to your point of sale and enjoy a cocktail and your on-site entertainment. In case of bad weather, you can send them a special bonus to encourage them to come and play in your sales area.

If you are an online operation that operates in multiple jurisdictions, you may wish to trigger special promotions based on your players’ holidays which differ from country to country.

The right technology will allow you to manage this without having to manually enter all the different dates from different calendars. Many hours will be saved and your VIP specialists will thank you too.

You can also offer special birthday promotions to your VIP customers or personalized free bets based on a punter’s favorite sports team. The possibilities are limitless. All it takes is a little creativity and the right automation tools.

The bottom line is that “humanizing” your business is now key to building brand loyalty in a challenging regulatory landscape and to standing out in an increasingly regulated market. To do this, all you need is your imagination, your creativity and the right automation technology.