NOTE 12 VIP Fast-Charging – Provide Safety-First Feature

In a world where connectivity and fast, constant interaction are essential and expected, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest and most important trends in smartphone innovation is fast charging technology. Added to a growing list of features consumers want in a smartphone, technology that can charge in minutes, rather than hours, has become a priority. Having a smartphone that can be charged at record speeds means consumers are less likely to find themselves disconnected from family, friends, co-workers and social media. They can therefore be in constant contact and communication, needing only a short time to recharge if necessary.

With the NOTE 12 VIP smartphone, Infinix offers consumers an affordable device that not only offers efficient and ultra-fast charging capabilities, but also uses safe and reliable technology. This NOTE 12 VIP exemplifies mid-range innovation and drives the industry-wide delivery of reliable ultra-fast charging capabilities in affordable and accessible smartphones.

Introducing the Infinix VIP Note 12

The NOTE 12 VIP smartphone takes the crown as the thinnest 120W fast charging phone on the market today. To achieve this title, Infinix has invested time and expertise in creating a device that is both efficient and safe, all enclosed in a sleek and aesthetic design. At just 198 grams and 7.89mm deep, the device is both lightweight and user-friendly.

The smartphone has a 4500 mAh battery which, combined with high charging speeds, provides users with maximized battery capacity. A 0-100% charge takes just 17 minutes, making the smartphone perfect for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

Battery under the microscope

Charging is a process of moving electrons – the higher the charging rate, the faster the chemical reactions, while generating more heat. This activity can slowly change the physical structure of the battery over time, causing damage.

To alleviate this problem, the NOTE 12 VIP’s fast charging technology takes advantage of two battery cells, operating simultaneously to power the device. This means that the current passing through the cells is halved and therefore produces much less heat. The dual charge pump has a conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%, reducing both energy and heat waste, helping the NOTE 12 VIP outperform other models.


The battery was designed based on extensive research and development, Infinix built 103 battery charging and protection functions into the device to ensure safety and longevity. To manage temperature control and heat dissipation, the 120W fast charger is equipped with 18 temperature sensors distributed across the battery, charging cable and side of the phone, which house a temperature control system intelligent that intelligently adjusts the charging current to help cool the battery. when it heats up, ensuring the reliability and safety of the device. In addition, the Infinix NOTE 12 VIP is equipped with a 9-layer cooling system with graphene and vapor chamber liquid cooling to achieve a core temperature reduction of 15 degrees Celsius. The VIP model offers two modes for 120W fast charging, either “hyper charge mode” for speed when needed, or default mode to maintain a lower charging temperature.

Additionally, the NOTE 12 VIP uses platinum superconductive material to increase the corrosion resistance of the charging cable and extend the life of the accessory.

The combination of these measures resulted in a charge cycle count of 800 with up to 85% battery capacity retained, while helping the phone pass the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification. NOTE 12 VIP users have the luxury of knowing their smartphone is durable and long-lasting, while harnessing fast charging technology that’s safe and reliable to match their busy and active lifestyles.

The device in practice

With safety and efficiency at its core, Infinix continues to innovate high-speed charging technology, largely focused on the needs of consumers in emerging markets with development based on an accurate view of the pinch points of the consumers.

Majority of smartphone users tend to charge their devices overnight while sleeping. In many cases, their phone will continue to charge the battery even after it is fully charged, which can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. However, the NOTE 12 VIP’s charge management system exits high-voltage charge mode when the battery is fully charged, disabling the battery charge function. This, together with the 103 safety functions of the NOTE 12 VIP, ensures that the temperature during charging is completely reliable, safe and energy efficient.

Lifestyle impacts

NOTE 12 VIP users enjoy more freedom and flexibility than ever before, thanks to fast-charging technology that allows them to spend less time static and stationary, and more time on the go, doing what matters to them. . This applies to different types of users. For example, busy business people who need to be nimble in case of a last-minute trip or meeting can charge their device in the time it takes to send an email or pack a bag before leaving for work. airport.


The NOTE 12 VIP is also suitable for those who love games. It eliminates the hassle of charging while gaming, which often causes the battery to heat up or take a long time to charge instead. Players can play to their heart’s content, while only having to stop for a short ten-minute charging break that offers them, for example, six hours of continuous PUBG playback or five hours of YouTube streaming, their allowing them to do more of what they love.

A preview of what’s next

With the NOTE 12 VIP, Infinix is ​​setting the new industry standard for fast charging devices in key markets around the world. This safe and ultra-fast charging system does not negatively affect the longevity and quality of the devices. As a result, the bar has been raised for future device development and customer experiences in the mid-range market.

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