Logitech’s Android handheld game console leaked, more switches than Steam Deck

Next by Logitech original announcement of their partnership with Tencent, we finally have a better idea of ​​what their future console hardware will look like. Logitech’s Android handheld game console definitely looks like something we’re all familiar with – the Nintendo Switch.

This follows many such devices that have been released over the past few months, ranging from the Steam Deck (Linux-based) to the AYANEO (Windows-based). First leak by prolific leaker Evan BlassLogitech’s new console could be another option very soon for on-the-go gaming.

logitech console

From the visuals, it looks like the Logitech console is looking to be friends with just about everyone on the internet. Our guess is that we can expect Xbox Cloud, GeForce Now, Steam, Chrome, and YouTube to all be supported by the console.

The biggest reveal here is that Logitech’s console would also have access to the Google Play Store. This means that anyone who gets this console will have access to an extremely large library of games. However, with the recent trend for mobile games to be adapted into a vertical format, it might look a bit odd on Logitech’s leaked console.

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logitech console

The advantage of having such consoles for mobile games would be general cooling and ergonomics allowing for extended playing time. However, anyone who has played Hades on the Nintendo Switch will say otherwise. At first glance, Logitech has included all the required buttons in the console, plus a mute button and a microSD slot. Hoping there will also be support for eSIMs or a SIM card slot.

From what we know, this could be one of the first consoles to be powered by Qualcomm’s new G3x chip. If these chips perform as well as Qualcomm’s dominance in the mobile phone market, things are looking good.

Considering the recent news that even PlayStation is entering the mobile gaming space, it looks like the space is set to expand with the introduction of such devices.

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