Legendary video game developer and Bungie founder Alex Seropian joins the advisory board of NFT Brands Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA/ACCESSWIRE/February 24, 2022/ NFT Brands Inc. today announced that renowned first-person shooter Alex Seropian has joined its advisory board. Before founding his last company, Industrial Toys (acquired by EA), he founded other well-known video game development companies such as Bungie (the developer of the Halo video game series – acquired by Microsoft) and Wideload Games (acquired by Disney). Collectively, its games have generated billions of dollars in revenue and are played by millions of gamers around the world.

Alex has mentored and advised many startups and sits on the board of the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in Armenia. He is currently focused on building mobile games for core gamers at Industrial Toys as VP Mobile within Electronic Arts. “Blockchain is fundamental to how we will all collaborate, build community and engage with each other and our favorite brands in the decades to come,” Alex noted. “The NFT Brands team has an incredible vision to make this foundation accessible today.”

“Alex has long been a visionary and legendary figure in the video game industry, applying his tremendous insight, experience and passion for emerging technologies,” said Noah Loul, CEO of NFT Brands Inc. “For Members of our team around the world – most of whom grew up playing Halo – Alex is a revered name. We are thrilled to welcome him to our Board of Directors, and I know we will all benefit from his vision, his wisdom, and skill.”

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