ISU Game Center PSUB: too expensive?

Alex Moscher

Personal editor

One of the many benefits of ISU is its on-campus Game Center, located in the basement of the Pond Student Union Building (PSUB).

They offer many activities such as bowling, table tennis, billiards and a small section dedicated to classic arcade games. It all seems like a fun way to take a break from homework until you go to pay.

Students have noticed the higher prices at Game Center and are turning to other local businesses, such as Tough Guy Lanes, for their gaming needs.

The Game Center charges ISU students $2.50 per game and $10.00 for one hour of bowling, $5.00 for one hour of billiards, and $2.75 for one hour of ping pong. Prices increase for those who are not ISU students.

Another perk of Tough Guys is that it has a bar, which keeps 21+ away from Game Center while only charging students $1.75 per game per person (price does not include cost of renting bowling shoes).

“I only bowled once on campus,” said ISU graduate Hailey Belt. “Even though the Game Center has a special, I still prefer going to Tough Guys. They have a more fun atmosphere and if you are over 21 they have a bar.

Idaho State seems to have higher gambling rates than other colleges located in Idaho.

Boise State University charges its students $2.25 per game of bowling and $4.50 for an hour of billiards. They also have Free Fridays which allow BSU students with their student ID to play all games for free, all day.

“Game Center pricing seems competitive,” said ISU graduate Colby Borup. “I think it’s a great option for students who don’t have transportation to get out and do.”

When Colby Borup was a student, he often frequented the campus Game Center. He noticed an increase in attendance when there were different events and incentives offered, other than that the flow of traffic was steady or rarely there.

The Game Center price has never been an issue for Borup.

Game center prices

ISU students: $2.50 per game

Bowling: $10.00 per hour

Billiards : $5.00 per hour

Table tennis: $2.75 per hour