IOS 13 Game Center-Generated Nicknames Are Gloriously Weird

A rich frogman from Chip Hill, anyone?
Photo: Ian Fuchs / Cult of Mac

If you thought Apple had lost its sense of product naming a bit, you probably won’t be swayed by the nickname suggestions included in iOS 13’s Game Center.

They are, well, gloriously strange enough.

IOS developer Steve Moser first noticed that Game Center includes nickname suggestions for users. AI-generated (although we’re hesitant about the results because, frankly, smart) the nicknames are pretty darn absurd.

Moser’s suggestions included “Wealthy Frogman of Puce Hill” and “Discrete Bear of Blue City”. Other Twitter feed users shared robot-generated names, including “Reaper from Phantasm Kingdom”, “Jealous Oryx from Cyan Outpost” and “Nice Mamba from Blue Meadow”. This is, frankly, pretty crazy stuff – but in a fun and irreverent way.

No, that’s probably not the most significant demonstration of Apple’s investment in AI. But it is certainly quite funny. And if that was the mission, we consider it well accomplished!

Are you using the beta version of iOS 13? If so, tell us what nickname Apple makes for you.

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