How to choose an A-level video game console –

Video gamers have often speculated about the constant release of new game consoles year after year, even though there are already dozens of quality products. The answer lies in oligarchy-like competition between a few game companies. They include Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Sony and Microsoft generally used the same brand name for new products in conjunction with improving quality graphics. On the other hand, Nintendo is constantly renaming its consoles and revitalizing the style of play for each new console.

The choice between buying a console made by these three big companies depends on what you want to get out of your gaming experience. Some players want to use their consoles to play casino games like French roulette. Others try to stick with the brands they trust.

This article will provide three questions gamers should ask themselves before purchasing a console to avoid making the wrong choice. We will also explore the crucial factors to consider before buying a video game console.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a video game console

The first question you need to ask yourself is who are you buying the console for. The answer usually varies between personal use and buying for relatives or friends.

The second question is which brand do you want to buy. The answer to the second question depends on which brands you have already tried.

The third question is how often you will play online with the console. Consoles like Xbox and PS4 require subscriptions before you can play against online opponents.

Crucial Factors to Consider Before Buying a Video Game Console

Here are the crucial factors to consider before buying a video game console:

● The price of the console

This is the most important factor when trying to get a new console. You wouldn’t want to exceed your means just because you want to play games.

The encouraging part of console sales is that even though console makers are selling below cost, they make up for it by selling games. Therefore, the purchase price of a console is considerably lower than it should be. Even when new consoles come out, the cost of the new one is not much higher than the previous one.

● The console specifications

Many video gamers say console specs don’t dictate a great experience, and that’s partly true. Still, if the console you buy doesn’t have the right specs, like an underpowered processor or insufficient memory, your gaming experience would be ruined.

Before making a purchase, you must see specs from the console. The main specs to check include CPU, GPU, RAM, memory, extended memory, and audio quality. If you don’t know how specs influence your gaming experience, you can check YouTube gaming channels.

● The games available on the console

This is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider to get the best user experience. A console’s game library is a deal-breaker for many video gamers.

If you are buying a new console, choosing the console with the best library is quite complicated. Indeed, the quality of game libraries improves as the console ages. When a new console comes out, you’ll want to check the launch libraries to see if the games are right for you.

Sony and Nintendo have generally dominated the market for years in this aspect. Gamers consider Microsoft’s Xbox to be slightly behind. However, you cannot rely on history to make purchase decisions on new consoles.


Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are arguably the best video game console manufacturing companies. Choosing between the quality products made by these companies could be quite difficult.

You need to consider who you are buying the console for, the consoles you have tried, and your online gaming frequency. However, the main factors to consider are the price of the console, the specs and the game library of the console.