He was the Fik Fameica impersonator

When rapper VIP Jemo rose to prominence in the Ugandan music industry, he came with a lot of vigor and energy hit after hit.

His brilliance in the rap game, however, did not last long although he had songs like Sima, Shamim, Simububi, Tuli Bito, Nakikute, Double Tap, Program FT John Blaq and Bujju Wa Zaddy among so many. others.

At the peak of his career, he was led by manager Karma Ivein who always did everything to keep his mark at the top of the game.

The two gave up on terms they knew best and since then VIP Jemo has had a steady but slow decline in terms of music.

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A media personality who works for Galaxy FM and NBS TV known as Viana Indi, believes the reason VIP Jemo took to the track is that he entered the rap game as a Fik Fameica copycat.

Rapper, VIP Jemo didn’t thrive in the music industry because he came in the image of @FFameica.


The last time VIP Jemo made headlines he was accused of snatching a cell phone and then came out to clear his name saying he was just a victim of a mistake. identify.