GTA Online weekly update boosts VIP work and Vespucci work

Another Thursday means another weekly GTA Online update is upon us. The official Rockstar Games patch notes will appear later today, but the crime game’s multiplayer update is live, so we’ve got all the important information for you right here, right now.

This week stimulates a whole range of activities, including doubling the rewards for VIP work, which can be undertaken by acting as a VIP or CEO of an organization. Players can earn double the usual in-game prize money and increase their reputation points by participating in these events. Bodyguards and associates will also receive double the normal salary for signing up to help a VIP/CEO.

In-game cash and reputation rewards are also doubled on a new remix of “the Vespucci Job,” an Italian Job-inspired adversary mode that pits a player in a compact Issi Classic against a team of interceptors from the police. Double rewards this week also apply to Trucks, Mobile Ops, Motorcycle Club Labor and Contracts, and Missile Base, Diamond, and Bunker Adversary Modes.

If you’re looking for a new race, this week’s GTA Online prize round is the Youga Classic, which you can win by placing in the top five in car races two days in a row. If you want to try your luck at the casino, you can spin the wheel for your chance with this week’s GTA Online podium car, the luxurious Revolter sedan.

There are also plenty of discounts you can take advantage of, with 30% off the cost of Motorcycle Club Businesses, Vehicle Warehouses, and Special Cargo Warehouses. If motorcycles are your thing, biker supplies are half off, and Imani’s tech and phone services are 75% off.

Here are the details and discounts in full:

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