GrAI Matter Labs Releases Out-of-the-Box AI “GrAI VIP”, a Full-Stack AI SoC Platform

This Article Is Based On The PR Article 'GrAI Matter Labs Unveils Life-Ready AI with GrAI VIP at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE'. All Credit For This Research Goes To The Researchers of This Project 👏👏👏

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GrAI material laboratories unveils ready-to-use AI with GrAI VIP at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE. GrAI Matter Labs is a brain-inspired, ultra-low latency computing company specializing in ready-to-live AI. Artificial intelligence is the closest thing to natural intelligence. An artificial intelligence that feels alive. They make brain-inspired chips that act like people. As a result, the machines that help people operate and react in real time. This saves time, money and valuable natural resources by optimizing energy and efficiency. GML is backed by renowned investors such as iBionext, 360 Capital Partners, 3T Finance and Celeste Management and is led by an international team of innovative and experienced engineers.

To meet the constraints of Von Neumann machines and standard application processors, GrAI Matter Labs uses a brain-inspired neural network architecture. Their unique state-of-the-art AI processor implementation is the only system capable of harnessing end-to-end parsimony – a fully programmable solution for implementation simplicity that enables ultra-low latency while maintaining power levels low with high precision that was previously unattainable.

GML will use the Life-Ready GrAI VIP chip to showcase a brain-inspired, live-event computing solution for efficient, purpose-built inference in a real-world robotics application at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE. GrAI VIP is an industry-first near-sensor artificial intelligence system with 16-bit floating-point capabilities and a low-power envelope that delivers best-in-class performance. It enables unparalleled applications in robotics, AR/VR, smart homes, automotive infotainment, and other fields that rely on the analysis and transformation of data provided by various sensors at the edge.

The GrAI VIP, the world’s first parsimonious native AI system-on-chip (SoC), is designed for ultra-low latency and low-power processing at the endpoint, enabling out-of-the-box AI .

GrAI VIP significantly reduces application latency; for example, it can reduce end-to-end latencies for deep learning networks like Resnet-50 down to the millisecond. The GrAI VIP edge AI processor is built on GML’s NeuronFlowTM technology, which combines the dynamic dataflow paradigm with sparse computing to create massively parallel networked processing.

Early access to The GrAI VIP platform is now available for AI application developers seeking high-fidelity, low-latency answers for their state-of-the-art algorithms, enabling them to create breakthrough solutions in industrial automation, consumer electronics, and more.


For networks like Resnet-50, GrAI VIP offers low inference latencies of milliseconds. It uses 20x less power than alternatives while maintaining uncompromising accuracy with 16-bit FP MACs. Plus, it comes in a small 8mm x 8mm package with memory for maximum privacy. It is also ready to use well-known audio and visual networks for faster TTM.