GGRAsia – Jeju Dream Tower could welcome 1,000 foreign VIP players in August

Jeju Dream Tower could welcome 1,000 foreign VIP players in August

Lotte Tour Development Co Ltd said it had made deals for around 1,000 foreign VIP players to visit the company’s casino at the Jeju Dream Tower resort (pictured) on South Korea’s holiday island of Jeju during the holiday season summer vacation in august.

Most of the expected big players come from Singapore, a company representative confirmed to GGRAsia,

The company said it works with nine junket agents: two of them familiar with the Singapore customer segment, and five that it believes are the leaders covering the Malaysian customer market, to bring players to Jeju Dream. Tower this month.

Lotte Tour Chief Operating Officer (COO), Lawrence Teo, was quoted in an announcement on Tuesday as saying “Southeast Asian junkets are heading competitively to South Korea recently,” amid a drop in junket activity at licensed casinos in Macau and Australia.

He added that commercial casino activity in Jeju was “focused” on a visa-free entry system for tourists, as well as regional consumer interest in South Korean popular culture.

Lotte Tour Development said in May it hired 20 people from the casino industry specializing in overseas sales, including a former senior executive from The Star Sydney. Lotte Tour Development planned to employ 30 additional sales executives when international air services to Jeju are fully restored, according to the announcement.

Jeju Dream Tower Casino recorded gross gaming revenue (GGR) of approximately KRW 15.3 billion ($11.7 million) for the second quarter, with KRW 7.0 billion in June alone , a monthly statement since its opening in June 2021.

Jeju resumed its visa-free entry program for some foreign passport holders from June 1. Jeju was also allowed to restore international flights from May 1, with the first operational on June 2.

According to data from the Jeju Tourism Organization, the recent number of foreign visitors to Jeju was: 5,622 in June; 6,294 in July; and 2,650 from August 1 to 10.