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What’s next for Apple’s unloved Game Center service?

Launched in 2010 when third-party social gaming networks such as OpenFeint and Plus+ were beginning to find traction, Apple’s Game Center was an attempt to create an iOS-only social layer for mobile gamers.

Its history since then has been uneven,

Most notable was the “white screen of death” many gamers experienced when iOS 9 was released.

Of course, the fact that no one really seemed to care suggested that no one cared about Game Center itself.

The result was that the Game Center app was removed in the iOS 10 beta.

What is the next step ?

Of course, that doesn’t mean Game Center as a service is dead.

Developers will still be able to integrate certain Game Center features such as leaderboards into their games using the GameKit SDK.

It seems unlikely that Game Center will receive much future attention from Apple.

However, it seems unlikely that Game Center will receive much future attention from Apple, a company that has never cared much about mobile games.

This is especially the case as Apple opens up some of its most useful proprietary apps – iMessage, Siri, Maps, etc. – to third-party developers.

Indeed, this decision is part of a broader overhaul of the operation of Apple’s proprietary services, as it also allows users to remove certain Apple applications (Stock, Weather, Music, etc.).

In the case of Game Center, however, it seems so few people have actually used it – at least as an app – Apple has removed it entirely.