Game developer ‘Worms’ licenses NFT project amid community backlash

  • Worms developer Team17 has licensed its brand to Reality Gaming Group in a bid to create NFTs based on the popular franchise
  • Reception of the blockchain and gaming communities has been overwhelmingly negative, with some calling the companies’ motives nothing more than a cash grab.

The developer of the long-running Worms series of games, Team17, has licensed its popular brand for creating “eco-friendly” non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a project dubbed MetaWorms, much to the chagrin of gamers and contestants. blockchain.

Developed and managed by blockchain company Reality Gaming Group (RGG), MetaWorms is designed as a “generative art project” that provides digital ownership over unique assets with the aim of breathing new life into the 25-year history of franchise.

“It’s not just a single NFT drop,” RGG said in an FAQ section on the MetaWorms Discord channel. “We’re working on game-changing features, including a Fluid Rarity system that will give owners the ability to adjust their NFT – if they wish – to participate in tournaments and enter the Metaverse through our expansive Sandbox domain.”

NFTs are unique digital assets providing proof of ownership for online and offline assets and are tradable on marketplaces like OpenSea. The market value of digitally verifiable assets is approximately $31.4 billion.

Details on the functionality and usefulness of NFTs are expected to be revealed shortly alongside the roadmap for the project, according to a Discord admin under the username FatViking. The exact release date of the project has not yet been given.

Often criticized as dangerous to the environment due to the energy required to mint and secure NFTs via the blockchain, RGG said it will use its sidechain at certain stages of the project in an effort to minimize the amount of minting on its main network. The company hopes this method will reduce energy costs by up to 90%, RGG said.

The announcement caused a backlash among the blockchain and gaming communities, with some online users calling the project little more than a money grab at the height of the NFT art craze.

Indeed, several teams within Team17 were apparently unaware of plans to release Worms-based NFTs and were caught off guard by the sudden announcement. Other teams who were aware of the plans and had expressed concerns were not heard from, according to a report from Eurogamer on Monday.

Indie developer Aggro Crab, who worked on the RPG video game Going Under and published by Team17, said in a Tweeter on Tuesday, he would no longer work with developer Worms on future titles. Aggro Crab also urged other independent game studios to follow suit unless the decision is reversed.

“We believe that NFTs cannot be environmentally friendly or helpful, and are really just a global scam,” Aggro Crab said in their Tweet.

Blockworks attempted to contact RGG and Team17 about the MetaWorms utility and community reaction, but did not receive a response as of press time.

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