Game Developer – Take a sip of Moonshine Inc. at gamescom ’22!

Klabaster to present the tycoon simulation August 24 in Cologne.

independent publisher and developer Klabaster is on its way to Gamescom 2022 with its own creative flair! After teaming up with chemistry and business professors, the team brings an innovative and thrilling Moonshine brew tycoon simulation to the table. Moonshine Inc. where making your brew, trying out different flavors and technologies is of paramount importance.

There will be space to play the game both in the B2B sector (Hall 4.1, stand D-022) and open to the public area in the general public part of the show (Hall 10.1, stand A-045) where you can play the latest version of the game yourself, ask questions directly to the marketing and development team, and get the latest production news.

You want to deepen Moonshine Inc. Or just talk about games and marketing? We are open to business discussions with partners, influencers and eager to make new business contacts!

Moonshine PR Asset Pack

Moonshine Inc. is the first strategy and management game in which YOU can become the best handyman ever! Build your illegal empire right under the noses of the authorities, with 50 ingredients, over 100 recipes, real fermentation methods and recreated processes.

?? Remember, nothing is illegal until you get caught! ??

?? Produce Moonshine

Craft and modify fermentation and distillation equipment and recipes – both your own and “borrowed” from the legendary moonshiners who came before you. Harness the true chemistry and concepts behind moonshine distillation and unveil a rich tech tree to create mind-blowing alcohol batches for the thirsty masses suffering from sobriety. There are many ingredients and recipes to discover and produce, as well as many moonshine machines and devices to craft and modify!

?? Distribute discreetly

Manage your employees and your delivery network to produce and sell thousands of liters of moonshine! You will be harassed by corrupt sheriffs, an individual ATF agent, and even a corrupt governor, but with the help of your younger sister Elly-Jane and your old great-uncle Donald, you will fight against all odds, competition and Johnny Law all at once if necessary.

?? Escaping the authorities

Developed specifically for gaming, red flag police intelligently controls the behavior of local police and federal agents. They’re waiting for you to make a mistake, so keep your heads down and the booze brews as you buy, expand and upgrade your hidden illegal bases across a huge map.

For more information, key inquiries, media and interviews and showcase, contact:

Joanna KellerMarketing Manager @ Klabaster: [email protected]


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