Game Developer – PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition Available on Nintendo eShop now

GungHo Online Entertainment hit puzzle RPG comes to Nintendo Switch today with lots of ways to play, like co-op, online multiplayer, and custom dungeons.

GungHo Online Entertainment launched PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition today on Nintendo eShop for $4.37. The hit mobile title has been redesigned for the Nintendo Switch to be enjoyed solo or with friends through a variety of game modes, a custom dungeon builder, achievements and avatars. Optional in-app purchases are available.

Game Modes

The iconic puzzle RPG offers new game modes only on Nintendo Switch:

Quest Mode: Explore 16 dungeons across 75 floors in single-player mode, or work with others in co-op mode to form a party for your adventure.

PvP Mode: Compete against up to seven players and battle for the high score in three match types:

World Match: Compete against random opponents from around the world.

Friends Match: Challenge your friends in an online lobby.

Computer Match: Hone your skills by practicing offline against NPCs.

Custom Mode: Create your own custom dungeons to play and share with others.

Achievements and Avatars

Enjoy a rewarding Puzzle & Dragons experience full of achievement goals with great rewards. Play many games to earn chances to collect avatars by pulling them from one of four egg machines:

Standard egg machine

heroin egg machine

Godfest egg machine

Dragons & Dragonbound Egg Machine

Additional avatars can be collected from three Egg Machines available as DLC on Nintendo eShop. Each of these avatars comes with a new team, awakening badge, additional song, or bonus cosmetic skin.

On the Nintendo Switch, fans can begin their quest in Puzzle & Dragons using TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, or Handheld Mode. Nintendo Switch Online membership required for online multiplayer and custom dungeon sharing/downloading.

Review codes for PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition are available upon request. Please email [email protected] for codes.

For more information about PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition, visit the official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Assets can be found here.

Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile gaming phenomenon that continues to experience phenomenal growth, featuring an addictive combination of puzzle-solving, dungeon-crawling, and monster-collecting. In the game, players can capture, collect, and evolve thousands of elemental monsters while incorporating quick thinking to chain combos together and maximize their monsters’ abilities and skills. To date, Puzzle & Dragons has exceeded 90 million downloads worldwide and can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play.

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