Game developer miHoYo may soon release a new product “Zenless Zone Zero”

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Recently, some gamers had discovered that the official account of the new game Zenless Zone Zero developed by Chinese game developer miHoYo has been registered on several online platforms, including Weibo, WeChat, Bilibili and others. Players noted the avatar’s 2D style. The new game should be released soon.

This title has been widely followed by the game industry since December 2021. It can be seen on industry and trade information research platforms such as Qichacha as Shanghai Jiaozhai Technology Co., Ltd., a company owned by the CEO from miHoYo, Liu Wei, applied for several trademark registrations for Zenless Zone Zero in English and Chinese.

Founded in 2011, miHoYo is a technology company deeply involved in the culture of animation. The company’s most famous title, Genshin Impact, has become one of the highest-grossing mobile games in the world, prompting global gamers to spend $1 billion on the game in just six months. With a solid financial situation, miHoYo seems to be about to enter several tracks. As with other new games, miHoYo is currently testing a 3D turn-based RPG game Honkai: Star Rail.

Additionally, miHoYo posted a recruitment announcement via LinkedIn last November. The company will set up a 100-person studio in Montreal, Canada. Over the next two years, a team of 100 employees will be formed which will be miHoYo’s first development team in North America. The new title will be a level 3A open-world adventure shooter.

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As the center of R&D, the Canadian team will work closely with the global development team to focus on creating a new open-world AAA action-adventure game, with shooter gameplay in a living supernatural world.