Game Developer – Joycity’s Brings Second Dual Skill Player to 3on3 FreeStyle

Ayla is the second player in the Dual Skill system.

Irvine, California22 December 2021 Joycity adds a brand new character, Ayla, to the ever expanding 3on3 FreeStyle line.

Ayla, unlike her older sister Nadia, is an absolute perfectionist. As the story unfolds, she plays the role of a catalytic agent, the conflict between the factions of street basketball and elite basketball. Much like Nadia, Ayla is a Dual Skill System player, the second to be added to the game. Her skill set will change when she alternates between defense and offense. Ayla specializes in passing. As a true team player, she can quickly pass the ball to a teammate and create a path to victory.

Ayla has 2 new skills. Her first skill, “Shammgod Crossover,” changes her training move to Shammgod motion and causes the “ankle break” effect to an opponent while she performs a crossover. His second skill “A-pass” allows him to execute a lightning-fast pass to a teammate. This special pass cannot be intercepted which is extraordinarily useful when Ayla is away from her teammate. She can also use her Passive Pass on Drive-In skill to quickly pass the ball while she is doing a drive-in.

In addition, Joycity includes important skill balance updates with the fix. FreeStyle’s activation mechanic is completely changed to allow for a greater variety of playstyles. The success rates and activation ranges of the Dive Capture, Slide Capture and Float skills are increased so that these skills can be used more effectively. A teammate’s screen will be adjusted to reduce influence on your scoring chances.

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