Game Developer – It’s time for chaos! Destropolis is available NOW on XBOX and Playstation!

Released on Xbox, PS now too.

Smash enemies to pieces with bullets, lasers and nuclear blasts in this top-down shooter, inspired by classic games like ‘Crimsonland’, ‘Alien Shooter’ or ‘Nuclear Throne’

Games without gravity is pleased to announce that Destropolis created by Igrek Games is now available on XBOX and Playstation for $5.99!

The game is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC.




Destropolis is a top-down shooter inspired by classic video games.

It takes place in a futuristic city, filled with red cube-shaped enemies. Tear them apart with bullets, lasers and nuclear blasts. Play alone or with friends in a local cooperative mode. Destroy as many enemies as possible before they overwhelm you.


Fight an endless wave of enemies in a futuristic city.

Totally destructible environment. Every object in the game, every enemy, every building, can be broken into pieces. You can blow up buildings, you can use them as cover, you can dismantle enemies bit by bit.

6 different types of enemies. The cubes are numerous and dangerous up close. Obelisks fire lasers at you. Bomb spheres explode on contact. The pyramids shoot at you from a distance with artillery shells. Wrecking balls crush everything in their path. Big hex bosses wreak havoc with their huge machine guns.

15 different weapons at your disposal. Shotguns, assault rifles and machine guns fire bullets that tear your enemies apart. Missiles and nukes create fireballs that effectively clear battlefields. Lasers and gauss guns cut through enemies like knives through butter.

12 power-ups and 40 skills that improve your abilities. Place turrets, create force fields and detonate nuclear explosions. Increase your health, damage, or movement speed. Confuse your enemies that they will shoot each other.

Play alone or with your friends in cooperative mode for up to 3 players.

Compete against other players from around the world on global leaderboards.

Unique artistic style. Clean and minimalist environment. Distinct and aggressively colored enemies. Beautiful explosions and light effects.

Synth wave music. Created by a popular artist – LukHash. A fusion of chiptune mastery mixed with cyberpunk synthwave and EDM elements.

More information about the game can be found on the publisher’s Twitter, publisher’s Discord.

If you would like a review copy, please contact Chris at [email protected]

About Games without gravity:

Games without gravity is an independent boutique publisher specializing in console publishing and creating value for games.

About Igrek Games:

Solo developer who has been making games since 2010. Created ‘Blosics’, a game about blocks, physics and joyful destruction. It has been read over 40 million times on the web and downloaded over 2 million times on mobile devices.