Game Developer – Generation Zero’s New “Base Assault” Free Update Adds Bonus Story Content, Base Challenges, and More

Systemic Reaction has released the free “Base Assault” update for the co-op open-world action game Generation Zero on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation4.

It is also free for Xbox Game Pass and PC game pass the subscribers. ‘Base Assault’ brings a new system of procedurally generated FNIX bases to the Forest regionwith scalable difficulty levels, layouts and challenges to make every encounter a unique experience.


Basic Assault Features:

Groundbreaking Base Assaults: Take on fully destructible, procedurally generated FNIX bases filled with deadly turrets, mines and reinforcements, and plenty of prime loot opportunities.

New Control Points: Conquer FNIX Bases to earn Command Tokens and convert Control Points into Resistance, opening up new locations to build (and defend) your own additional Bases.

New Story Missions: Play new missions to expand on the scenarios introduced earlier this year and uncover the secrets of the latest threat.

Free base building pack: All players receive a bonus pack filled with a variety of base building items.

Map Redesign and UI Improvements: The swamp region has been redesigned for better environmental storytelling, along with a new inventory sorting system and map icon filtering.

Generation Zero puts players at the forefront of the battle against the machines in an alternate history Sweden. Over a million players have experienced the game since launch, along with numerous story-driven updates and expansions that continue to drive the adventure, and more to come.

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