Game Developer -Fast Travel Games Reveals Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for Meta Quest 2

VR action roguelite game Paradox Interactive sci-fi universe coming in early 2023.

Fast Travel Games today unveiled Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for Meta Quest 2. This VR action roguelite takes place in Paradox Interactive strike the galactic universe tasks players with steering a ship and setting out among the stars in search of the enigmatic Ghost Signal. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is set to launch in early 2023.

Check out the first trailer:

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game envelops players in a vast ocean of stars where they will encounter mysterious aliens, encounter planet-sized creatures, and engage in dynamic space battles. Along their journey, players can scan alien beings for their logbook, research multiple tech trees, and more.

“For years, Stellaris has captivated gamers with its vast and wondrous universe,” said Christopher Smith, Lead Game Designer at Fast Travel Games. ‘Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game takes this universe and brings it closer together like never before while giving players a whole new way to experience it. Fans and newcomers alike are sure to discover something special in this roguelite virtual reality take.

Features include:

Roguelite gameplay where no journey is in vain.

Alien species to fight or befriend.

Heavy artillery to fend off monstrous creatures or defeat enemy armadas.

Powerful upgrades such as Freeze Rays, Atomic Missiles, and Dragon Companions.

Random maps, daily challenges and leaderboards.

Download the media kit here.

For the latest information and news, follow Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game on @GhostSignalVR on all major platforms and on the official website.

About Fast Travel Games Fast Travel Games is a developer and publisher of exclusive VR games based in stockholm, founded by industry-leading veterans and behind such critically acclaimed VR titles as Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. Our mission is to create high-quality VR games with believable interactions, set in immersive worlds and populated by memorable characters.

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