Game Developer -Atom Switch Partners with Hiro Capital for InfestStation

The development team must first focus on players and developers with their Triple-I cooperative sci-fi game.

Atom Switch, Inc. received a US$3.4 million investment of Hiro Capital and 1Up Ventures to develop their inaugural title, InfestStation. Founded with focus on Triple-I Atom Switch development aims to create games with a AAA level of polish and sophistication, but without the bloat and budget constraints that come with it. Determined to “be the change”, Atom Switch was created to avoid the harms they see in the gaming industry around them. Focusing on quality of life – for players and team they say crunch is not a planning tool, toxic work culture is not a consequence of growth and micro -transactions are not the only foundation of success.

“This advanced player and developer approach is built on a framework of mutual respect, transparency, inclusion, accountability and trust,” said the studio’s founder. Dan Sandberg. “These are things that shouldn’t be a new concept, they should be the norm.”

“Put simply, InfestStation is a game that Team Hiro desperately wanted to play from the moment we heard the pitch. Atom Switch presented an incredibly compelling take on the co-op survival genre,” said Spike Laurie of Hiro Capital. “We are thrilled to be able to support them in building their vision and a games studio of the future.”

In InfestStation, you will play the role of a scavenger trawling derelict spaceships for rescue and recovery in the far reaches of outer space. However, nothing so precious is abandoned for no reason, and you are not alone. This Co-op PvE multiplayer FPS is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 for PC and console launch.

Cold, mechanical futurism combined with abandoned, disjointed spatial carcasses create these dark, gritty spaces where shadow and sound play on the mind. Narrow, claustrophobic pathways connect larger areas to create a web of space for hidden clues and jump scares. Once shiny hard surfaces are marred by stains, decay and the proliferation of infestations and dropouts that add organic touches to an otherwise metallic landscape.

You and your team of salvagers will be tasked with exploring these areas to loot, ransack, and possibly even recover the vast sums of abandoned resources, but it won’t be safe and it won’t be easy – and your crew might not be alone on these ships either.

With a team that has worked on everything from Fortnite to Darksiders, this group of industry veterans will combine AAA experience with the scrappy DIY perspective that comes from jamming indie games and a pre-industrial upbringing in the early 2000s Half-Life 1 mod scene.

Developers who haven’t lost their love for their craft, they know their audience because they’re part of it and that connection fuels their commitment to open and transparent development with a promise to never answer questions with ” it will be done when it is done”. finished” or “because making games is hard”.

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About Atomic Switch, Inc.

Founded in 2013 by CEO and Creative Director Dan Sandberg, Atom Switch has grown from its independent work and consulting center to a fully independent game development studio. Their core team of 6 developers will grow to 11 over the next few months as they build up their team and commit to InfestStation production.

About Hiro Capital

Hiro Capital is a London / Luxembourg technology venture capital fund which invests in UKAmerican and European innovators in games, Metaverse technology, esports and digital fitness. Hiro Capital typically invests in the post-seed stages of Series A and B. We invest in both front-end content creators in games, esports and Digital Sports and in Deep Tech Metaverse applications of Cloud, Mobile, Streaming, Big Data, AI, Wearables, AR and VR technologies. –

About 1Up Ventures

1Up Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on building a community of independent game developers. Founded by Ed Friesformer vice president of Microsoft Game Studios and co-founder of Xbox, Fries opened the fund in 2019. 1Up Ventures is located in Kirkland, Washington.

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