Game developer Andrew Thomas has passed away

Andrew Simon Thomas, a prominent figure in the New York game development scene and creator of several indie games, died following a collision with a vehicle on June 1. He was 32 years old.

Thomas’ job included an arena shooter Shillelagh and rolling game powered by a balance board Roll control. He had previously worked at Shapeways, designing unique creations for the 3D printing platform.

Friends and colleagues on social media are mourning his passing, with some calling him an “incredible and chaotic creative force for good”. Others pointed to his pivotal role in community organizing, calling him a great leader.

Digital Trends Gaming section head Giovanni Colantonio (a longtime friend of Thomas’s) recalled their timeshare in a high school punk band. “In this group, he pushed me to think completely differently about art and to accept making people feel uncomfortable and being totally there”, Colantonio wrote:.

Heart Machine Community and Public Relations Manager Yiyi Zhang says that Thomas “had an incredible drive to improve himself, create great art, and uplift others”, and called him “a true inspiration and friend”.

Friends and colleagues around New York can celebrate his life today at Gumbo NYC. A rally takes place starting at 6:30 p.m. ET.

An image promoting the event captured Thomas’ creative and anarchic spirit, turning a recently popular internet taunt into a commemorative message. “Andrew has always evangelized by touching the grass as a way to stay grounded and find calm,” the image read.