Female game developer created games about her sex life

Female game developer created games about her sex life

Meet Nina Freeman, a 25-year-old game developer who designs games based on her hot relationship adventures, exhilarating experiences, and sex life.

Nina Freeman, game developer (Source: GameLoading)

For about five years, Nina has worked with teams of programmers and graphic designers to be able to create exceptionally personal games on relationships and sex. She came into the limelight with a game called “How To Do It”.

The game tells the story of a little girl who plays with her Barbie dolls while her mother is out, trying to find out how adults “do”, the player will of course control this event. Nina also created a game called “Ladylike”, where you try to control a conversation between a teenage girl and her mother, while driving to a shopping mall.

Anything you say about boyfriends, school, sex, and clothes, mother would always disapprove – clearly a different game to play, even in real life.

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Nina Freeman, game developer (Source: The Guardian)

According to Nina, these games were all based on her true stories. How to do and Distinguished were games that had been inspired by his childhood experiences. For her, the game is like poetry.

Nina Freeman, game developer (Source: Nina Freeman Instagram)

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“When I started making games, my main inspirations were poets. Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “In the Waiting Room” was my main inspiration for making Ladylike and How Do You Do It ?, which are games about my childhood. Once I started making games, I discovered other game designers who were also interested in these sticker style games. Games like Dys4ia and Gone Home are two of those games that really inspired me to do more thumbnail games on very human and honest characters. Nina said, when asked in an interview who she was inspired by when she said acting was like poetry.

Nina Freeman, game developer (Source: Popoptiq)

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In November 2015, Nina released a new game called “Cibele”. It’s an intimately personal multi-level storytelling game that has caught the intrigue of many.

It’s a game based on a true story about love, sex and the internet.

The player will play a 19-year-old girl who got close to a young man she met through an online game.

The two grow closer and their relationship heats up with every phone call and private conversation.

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This game, of course, was based on one of Nina’s experiences. It all started when she was 16. She met an older guy named Blake through Final Fantasy, a popular online, gaming community. After plenty of phone calls, loving conversations, and sexy selfies, Blake flew across the country to turn their online fantasy into reality in Nina’s New York City dorm.

Nina is very passionate about incorporating her personal experiences into the design of her game. She wants to be able to create and add a more feminine touch to her video games. By sharing stories about her sex life, she hopes that she can define her sexuality, her career, and inspire other women to be able to be the heroes of their own life stories.

Discover the trailer for his latest masterpiece, Cibele

Nina Freeman, game developer (Source: GameLoading)