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Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right? Well, no, not really, and let us tell you why. This is the story of how we improved on the perfect game by adding the variations needed for global success based on customer feedback and our own expertise.

History of Lucky Six

Our Lucky Six bingo style draw game is almost as old as the company. It was our first born and the first asset for the foundation of a company that will soon become a successful company in the betting and gaming industry on a global level. Everyone loves Lucky Six. Since V1 the game was simple, neat, running on any device, with good RTP (configurable). RNG-based entertainment has quickly become a staple for any betting shop. And yes, it was first made for betting shops.

How to play

A total of 48 numbers are divided into eight groups. Each group has its color, so the player will find red, green, blue, purple, brown, yellow, orange and black balls with numbers. The player chooses six to ten numbers, and 35 out of 48 numbers will be drawn from the drum.

To win the draw, the player must correctly guess six numbers.

Evolution of the game

Since this basic configuration, the game has been continuously renewed, always offering something new – visual improvement, better performance, new bonus games, simpler UX, richer statistics, sound effects, etc. It was and still is the ongoing process that resulted in one of the best bingo style games on the market for the retail channel.

In cooperation with our partners and betting operators, we’ve gathered invaluable insights from the players themselves, and that’s the secret to Lucky Six – the players helped us polish it!

Distribution by satellite

Lucky Six is ​​available to operators and players even in areas with poor internet connection, thanks to satellite streaming. The satellite stream is done through the shared channel and at no additional cost to the satellite steam service.

Lightning Lucky Six was born.

After conquering retail, naturally, we released the game on online channels: web and mobile. The process required adapting the well-known and likeable product to a somewhat different environment. Online Lucky Six had to meet quite different expectations from online players. The most important was related to speed.

Thus, Fast Lucky Six was born, and it was named accordingly: Lightning Lucky Six.

As we mentioned before, and as the name suggests, Lucky Six’s main change for web and mobile apps has been Speed ​​Spins. The number of markets has also been optimized. This was done in order to retain the desired dynamics of the game even with the accelerated process and not to overwhelm players. The whole setup of the Lightning Lucky Six game had the basic principle of creating a quick betting experience for players. The backend used for the game is similar to that of Lucky Six, with the same flair and simplicity. It can also work on almost any device.

Although the turn duration is configurable in both games, it is evident that the optimal time between turns for online presentations is significantly different from terrestrial presentations. The checkout procedure in a physical store takes longer, hence the longer the desired time in between, while online players can only be annoyed by a long delay between rounds.

Optimized markets do not diminish the overall betting experience. On the contrary, it improves the game and aligns with the desired fast betting experience. The preset 6/7, 6/8, 6/9 and 6/10 systems in both games give players more options to win.

Lucky Six in the Casino category

The expansion of casino content games and video slots is exponential. A lightning !

Online gamers easily linked to fast and flashy games, computer games for online channel.

NSoft has offered and still offers third-party integration with major casino providers covering all aspects of this industry niche. Recently, our games team started an exciting journey: producing our own video slots and casino content. In addition to several exciting slots representing the vertical, such as Classic Neon, Temple of Horus and Vice Nights, there is also a spin version of Lucky Six. The game is called Slingshot 6 and proudly represents the latest update to our classic.

Slingshot 6 is a casino game for the online channel. This is a bingo-based spin game that brings diversity to the inevitable category of video slots and the ultra-popular crash categories.

Game duration is configurable, but being an on-demand game, there is no waiting time between rounds unless players choose to have one. Lap duration extends from 3 seconds in turbo mode to 35 seconds.

Similar to Lightning Lucky Six, Slingshot 6 offers optimized betting options, sweetened with the ability to play on favorites and start the game in a second. A system bet is also available, as well as the bonus symbol, a star, which multiplies the winnings.

UI differences

The Lucky Six user interface differs from the user interface designed for lightning and casino gaming categories mainly due to the differences in the number of markets. Yet all of them offer neat design, simplicity, presentation of lap history, stats, favorite numbers, and attractive battery visualization.

All the games share the same heritage, but each of them has its place within the framework of the operators. The popularity of Lucky Six made Lightning Lucky Six desirable online content, which led to a release for the popular casino category.