Faulty Game Console Query

Q: Six months ago, I bought a game console from a local store. A few days later, I started having issues with part of the console not connecting to the main station. When I reported this to the seller, he changed one of the joysticks on the console. However, I continued to have the same problem and returned the console to the seller again. At this point the seller informed me that the only option was to send the console to the UK manufacturer. That meant I would be without her for about three weeks. I felt like I had no choice but to accept. Unfortunately, as of today, a month later, I still have no information or update from the seller. I would like to know what my rights are because I think it is unfair.

A: Consumer law states that when products purchased by consumers do not conform to the sales contract, because for example the products do not work as they should, consumers have the right to ask sellers to provide an appropriate solution. First, consumers can ask sellers to repair or replace the nonconforming product. In your case, the seller is trying to repair the faulty console. However, since the repair cannot be undertaken within a reasonable time, and this causes you significant inconvenience, you can now either request the replacement of the console, or if this is not possible, opt for the termination of the sales contract and request a refund. It is important that you submit your request in writing. If the seller rejects your request, you can then file a formal complaint with the Consumer Affairs Office.

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