Every video game console ever sold on eBay for $1 million

Video games as we know them have only been around for half a century, more or less. But during that time, we’ve seen a ton of game consoles released to the public. And there is one person who managed to buy almost all of them. We are talking about over 2,4000 different machines. And now, via DesignTaxi, we learned that after accumulating such an incredible collection, the owner decided to sell the whole thing on eBay for the hefty sum of $1 million. You can see an eBay listing photo of just a portion of this jaw-dropping collection here:


All this is happening thanks to a French collector who goes by the handle Kariaur. And according to their eBay listing, they’ve had quite an intense journey with their collection of consoles. This hobby started in the early 90s. As the 2000s progressed, they sold out. Some time later they took up the hobby again, and then in 2011 they stopped again. Finally, in 2018, during a trip to Japan, the itching came back even stronger. And they bought all the games they sold once. And so, the collection grew to its current size, containing just about every console known to mankind.

If they manage to sell everything, we think they will have a hard time getting close to such a collection. And really, where do we even store such a thing? We really can’t blame them for selling it. For some avid gamers, this is going to be too good an opportunity to resist. If you are a wealthy video game historian with disposable income and want this truly legendary collection from Kaori30, you can head over to eBay to view their list. The current “Buy It Now” price is set at €984,000, or one million US dollars.