Elon Musk is not interested in creating a video game console

Elon Musk is someone who gets the world talking in the best and worst way depending on the day of the week. He’s the richest man in the world right now because of the big swings he’s taken on things like Tesla and SpaceX, companies that no one thought would succeed because of their goals. However, Musk managed to turn them both into mega-successful things that made him one of the richest beings to ever walk the Earth. Flipping that around, taking a look at what’s going on with Twitter and its “buyout” of it and you can see why people have a love-hate relationship with the man.

When focused, he’s one of the brightest engineers in the world, there’s no doubt about it. It’s no surprise that he’s been asked about video games and their platforms from time to time, including in the video interview below. One of the interview questions was whether Elon himself would make a video game console in the future. His answer was surprisingly brief and direct (because he’s not afraid to be long and loud):

“No, you don’t need that.”

A bit of a shock, right? You’d probably bet Elon would say something like “if I had the chance to do it, I probably would, with my own flair of course”. Apparently, that’s not the case at all. In fact, he notes elsewhere that there’s “no need” because there are already enough consoles out there right now and there’s no point in adding another one to the mix.

Before you ask, yes, Elon Musk is a gamer, although by his own admission he prefers PC gaming, given his work schedule, that’s no surprise. He notes that consoles are slowly becoming PC-like and therefore adding a new console to the mix wouldn’t really do anything.

He’s not wrong. Even if he made one with, say, even more powerful graphics than current Xbox/PlayStation systems, he would also have to worry about trying to get video game developers to make ports or exclusives for his system. , and it’s hard to do. Also, if you even remember recent history, those who have tried to “innovate” by creating new kinds of gaming systems like with Google Stadia haven’t been incredibly successful.

Instead of trying to make a new console, Elon just prefers to incorporate his love of gaming into his other products, like how you can play video games in his Teslas. Sometimes there are other safer ways to show your love for something.

Source: Youtube